FitDOG Classes & Services

Please note All Flygility FitDOG classes require booking

6 Week Beginners Fitness Courses

Six Week Course = £50

In this 6 week course you will be shown the foundation steps required to get you started on your path to canine fitness
Benefits of FitPAWS® include:  Building a strong core, helping stabilize weak areas, improves balance, coordination, body awareness, reaction time, flexibility, and help build confidence.

Course Requirements :

Dog health – No injury or illness

Course Content

Week 1 starts with short talks including demonstrations on:-
•The principles of FitPAWS® and what dogs can benefit.
•Warm up routines and why you need them.  Includes demonstration and attending dog participation.
•Introduction to basic cues (pre level1) using simple learning techniques
•Progression of levels and goals you should be able to achieve during this course.  (includes demonstration by capable dog)
•Cool Down routines and why you need them. Includes demonstration and attending dog participation.
•Homework (no I’m not kidding) To get the full benefit of canine fitness and progress to higher levels you will need to practice at home.  Once a week in class is not enough!!!  Cues do not require equipment.  They only require time and patience, oh and a few treats of course.

Weeks 2-6 will include
•Introduction to basic equipment i.e. Balance Pads, Balance Discs, Fitbones, Wobble Boards.
•Simple exercises and how to incorporate equipment.
•Before progressing to cue tests are performed to make sure your dog is ready for the next step.
•Exercises will be set according to your dogs ability, your dog will not be asked to do anything that is above its capabilities.
•N.B.  All classes will have Warm up and cool down routines
Class Etiquette – Please arrive on time to assist with setting up.
Make sure you bring plenty of tiny treats, these exercises require repetitions.
Give other dogs space.
Please hang around at end of class to assist with packing away.
This venue is not heated.  If it is cold outside its cold inside, wear suitable clothing.

Additional Fitness Courses

Additional courses are available with more challenging equipment & exercises for the conditioning of your dog.

Six Week Course = £50

Course Requirements :

Dog health – No injury or illness,  Handling skills – Intermediate (recall/sits/stands/downs/rear feet targeting)


These plans are customised to suit the needs of the individual dog.


This covers stages 1-3 of the process for a canine fitness plan.

FITNESS PLAN DESIGN (stage 4-5)                                             

Initial plan design = £20

First Additional = £10

Continuing plans = £5


*Re-ASSESSMENT is required from time to time to review details